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Tux Paint is free computer art software for children.
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“So far this is the greatest product that I have seen in long time. It looks like a the ideal solution for classroom computer clusters or for labs that get hit and miss use.” — Education in America blog, July 2008

Stamp Browser - animals (91-100)

Categories: >animals< | clothes | food | hobbies | household | medical | military | naturalforces | people | plants | seasonal | space | sports | symbols | town | vehicles |

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Note: If you want to download the stamps, do that from the Download page!

Preview Path & Description Sounds Options
122 x 180 PNG
(Previewed at 86 x 128)
animals/ mammals/ bears/ toys/ edward_bear.png

Edward Bear.

184 x 121 PNG
(Previewed at 128 x 84)
animals/ mammals/ bovines/ bison.png

A bison.

Sound effect (.ogg)
200 x 213 PNG
(Previewed at 120 x 128)
animals/ mammals/ bovines/ bull.png

A bull.

Sound effect (.ogg)
193 x 138 PNG
(Previewed at 128 x 91)
animals/ mammals/ bovines/ cow.png

A cow.

Sound effect (.ogg)
166 x 250 PNG
(Previewed at 84 x 128)
animals/ mammals/ bovines/ cow_white.png

A cow.

Sound effect (.ogg)
324 x 313 PNG
(Previewed at 128 x 123)
animals/ mammals/ bovines/ gnu-baby.png

The baby of a gnu.

318 x 281 PNG
(Previewed at 128 x 113)
animals/ mammals/ bovines/ gnu-baby-stand.png

The baby of a gnu.

200 x 164 PNG
(Previewed at 128 x 104)
animals/ mammals/ bovines/ gnu-sitting.png

A sitting gnu.

328 x 248 PNG
(Previewed at 128 x 96)
animals/ mammals/ bovines/ gnu-stand.png

A blue gnu.

167 x 200 PNG
(Previewed at 106 x 128)
animals/ mammals/ bovines/ goat.png

A goat.

Sound effect (.ogg)

To-Do: Display translated strings, too. Display links to descriptive sound files, and translated descriptive sound files.

Options Key:
  • colorable
    Work muchs like brushes - you pick the stamp to get the shape, and then pick the color you want it to be. Nothing about the original image is used except the transparency (from "alpha" channel). The color of the stamp comes out solid.
  • noflip
    The stamp cannot be flipped upside-down.
  • nomirror
    The stamp cannot be mirrored left-to-right.
  • scale
    If the full-sized image for a stamp is initially sized too large or small, a scale factor may be specified. (Scale option may be in a percentage (e.g., "scale 50%"), a fraction (e.g., "scale 2/1" or "scale 1:2"), or a ratio (e.g., "scale 2"). An equal ("=") can be included.)
  • tintable
    This alters the hue of the stamp. (Similar to "colorable," but keeping the detail of the shape.)
    • tinter=normal (default)
      This is the normal tinting mode. (Hue range is +/- 18 degrees, 27 replace.)
    • tinter=anyhue
      This remaps all hues in the stamp. (Hue range is +/- 180 degrees.)
    • tinter=narrow
      This is like 'anyhue', but a narrower hue angle. (Hue range is +/- 6 degrees, 9 replace.)
    • tinter=vector
      This maps 'black through white' to 'black through destination'.

Did you know? Tux Paint runs right on your computer, and doesn't require Internet access.